Anne is an international, accredited coach and works with clients from all over the world, most often on a one-to-one basis. All sessions are co-created between herself and her client so every session is completely unique but always client-centred and always focusing on facilitating change to enhance the client’s well-being and life fulfilment. Here's what some of her clients have said:




"Anne! You absolutely rock! It just eight weeks, I have gone from being single (for 2.5 years) to bagging myself a new, wonderful partner. You have helped me navigate at every turn as I have delved into what has been holding me back, my fears that have been getting in the way and how to release them and move forwards. This has been my first experience of life coaching and it’s completely blown my mind. I would recommend your services to everyone." 

Roberta - Brussels, Belgium 


"I thought I was the perfect wife and that it was my husband doing everything wrong. I started this program, in a final attempt to save my marriage although honestly, I really didn’t have much hope. But, I quickly adjusted my approach and my attitude and now I am happier than I have ever been. My husband and I have reconnected and reignited our passion. Life is wonderful again!" 

Cindi - USA


"Anne, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. I didn’t really know what to expect or what I was getting myself into but you have helped me transform my life and become the person that I want to be. You are an incredible coach and a wonderful human.

I was in quite a mess when our sessions began but in just a few weeks, my life, my attitude, my well-being, my mental health has completely transformed and I feel like a whole, new person!

I am grateful beyond words. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being you. You are completely awesome!! I am so excited about this next chapter of my life."

Kerri R - Swansea, Wales



"I cannot put into words how valuable this experience has been. The visualisations have been so powerful and uncovered the different parts of my personality. Along the way, I discovered I needed to do some inner child healing and this has helped me to let go of some stuff (that I didn't even realising that I was holding on to).

I’ve had a few coaches along the way but I can honestly say, hand-on-heart, Anne has been the best I have ever had. She is such a beautiful soul and she has this incredible knack of listening and understanding my wants and needs and helping me put things in place to get to where I want to go." 

Edinalva - Switzerland


"I have learned so much about myself through this process. I discovered that all of the answers are within me. I learned that my outsides must match my insides for me to stay in alignment and remain true to myself. I discovered that I am so much stronger than I thought and was reminded that I can do pretty much anything I want to. My confidence was in the gutter but I have now leaned that I have the power to become who I want to be. I learned how to listen to instincts and trust my gut. A million thank yous to Anne Robertson… you are such an inspiration and I would not be where I am today without you. Whilst it has always been me in the driving seat of my life, your exceptional navigational skills have helped me get to my destination. Thank you for being in the passenger seat. It’s been one hell of a ride." 

Leah - Sydney, Australia 


"Thank you so much for the life coaching. I appreciate you taking the time to hold space for me to explore my blocks. I found it super useful to say things out loud as opposed to them just going round and round in my head. 

When I was able to hear things out loud, it was easier for me to make sense of my issues, see things more logically and take a step back to better reflect. 

I appreciate your kindness and understanding. You were always so present, listened to me intently and asked some very thought provoking questions that helped me peel back the layers to get the the route of what was stopping me from getting what I want from life. 

With your help, I was able to set goals (mini ones along the way to help me reach my ultimate big goal) and move closer to the future that I desire. You helped keep me accountable and taught me to always choose love.  

Thank you so very much. I really enjoyed the sessions and got so much value from them. 

Much love, 


Wendy - Yorkshire, England



"To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d never had any life coaching and didn’t really know much about it. My friend bought me a 12 session program with Anne as a gift and oh my goodness, what a journey it has been! The experience has been invaluable and life changing. I’m so grateful to my friend for the gift and I do not have the words to express how thankful I am to Anne for all of her kindness and support… I am so pleased that our paths crossed. I feel like you came along at exactly the right time. You have helped me to transform my life immeasurably and I will be forever grateful - Thank you Anne… for everything!!"

Sunali - Taipei, Taiwan


"My life has completely transformed. I have learned tools and skills to help me live a more authentic and purposeful life. I have put morning and evening routines in place which I will continue with. I have learned how to get quiet and listen to that voice within me. I have become more self-aware and I plan to continue with everything I have learned and everything that I have put into place. I have also discovered that it’s OK to be flexible and imperfect and if things aren’t quite right – you have to pivot! I’ve learned the importance of making myself a priority and making sure that my cup is full first – this self-care and self-love has changed my life and is something I will carry forwards for the rest of my life."

Sandra - Portugal 


"I had already done a lot of inner work and consider myself to be quite self aware but there were things stuck in my unconscious that were blocking me. There was stuff that I thought I had dealt with but that actually needed my focus and a little more shadow work doing in order for me to heal. 

My sessions with Anne helped me unlock this. Once I became aware of the issues and questioned the beliefs that were holding me back, I was able to resolve things really quickly. I had been struggling for years and Anne helped me breakthrough in just a few short sessions. I will be forever grateful."

Ana - Germany